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Care Touch Twist Top Lancets 33 Gauge 100ct (Case of 100 units)

Our Twist Top Lancets have tri-beveled tips, minimizing skin trauma and discomfort. The Care Touch Lancets are sterilized for long shelf life. The Care Touch Lancets can be used with most standard lancing devices such as Microlet, Truedraw, and other generic devices. Pair these lancets with our Care Touch 10-depth adjustable lancing device.

Case Quantity: 100

  • TRI-BEVELED TIP - The lancets triple sharpened needles, designed to minimize skin trauma and discomfort
  • GAMMA STERILIZED - The Care Touch Lancets are gamma sterilized for your safety and a long shelf life
  • PAIR WITH CARE TOUCH LANCING DEVICE - The Care Touch lancing device is a best seller - It has 10 depths to choose from and can be used for finger and alternate site testing. These lancets are compatible with most lancing devices. It is generic for Microlet Lancets
  • COLOR COORDINATED - Each gauge has its own color, making it easy to know which gauge you are using.
  • There are 100x 33 gauge lancets in each box
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